Friday, July 22, 2011

Cheaters Cheaters are no fun!

As I take a break from my astrology studying, I thought I would enlighten you on a battle I have been having with myself this week. I am taking 10 hours this summer semester and all my tests/projects seem to land on the same day. One of my great management teachers also decided to give us 3 tests in 8 days,  that covers an entire book. So I have read the most boring management textbook in a total of about 2 weeks. So with that back story, I will now confess my frustrations.

Nearly all of my management capstone class has all the answers to every test. I don't know how these things get passed around but surely not by the Professor. Two individuals offered me the answers and with them I would definitely get an A for all the tests. But somehow the angel on my shoulder said I could do it without them, and I would feel guilty for cheating. Well, I couldn't do it without them (thanks deceptive angel) and I know have earned  both an B and a C on my tests. What a complete failure to have studied so hard and have your grade not reflect that. Especially since I have an A in my other classes.

So I wondered to myself....what makes people cheat? Kim Cattrall says "because they can." Why can't I be more like them? Why can't I say... "Cassie stick it to the man, get an A any way you can!" I don't know.....while 80% of my classmates have the answers and are getting A's and B's I am struggling to make it in my senior exit class. I am completely unmotivated and wonder "why bother!" What would you do? Would you get the answers and think you have outsmarted the system. Sometimes you think my good ethics/morals will pay off. THEY DON'T! Well not in the classroom setting at least. I am glad that I stuck to my guns even though I will probably get a B in the class. If you don't stand for will fall for anything.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Crazy Busy Life

So it has been a while, and that is probably an understatement. I feel like I do the same thing day after day with no time to do what I really want. Is this what having a job is like? At 7 I wake up to get ready for another awesome day of summer school, sit in traffic for a trillion hours, and then spend all day in San Marcos till I return home around 7:30. Since my bedtime tends to hoover around 9 this leaves time to eat and take the dogs out. So naturally I have absolutely nothing of substance to share with you.This is my attempt:

Over the fourth of July Holiday, I went up to Chester, CA, which is located in the Northern California Mountains. I promise to post lots of pictures when I get a chance to breathe. Matt and I did tons of cowboy  activities like Camp (in a luxurious cabin), Fish (caught nothing), and Horseback ride (that makes you sore). I had such a relaxing time though. People that live there must love life, no traffic, no noise, just the smell of pine trees.

In one of my classes we learn about certain niches to market to which translates to Hispanics and Blacks. Although as you know I am only half Black people's comments surprise me. Today this guy David called out a particular brand aimed at the Black majority and said "Do they even make expensive clothing." Now of course I don't know what he meant, and I am always quick to go on the defensive, but I have realized how little I know of other cultures and exactly how hard it must be to understand them. Not everyone will understand what it means to be mixed and I will never know how it feels to be anything else. The class could be extremely interesting but the professor tends to ramble and talk about the same stuff over and over like most old people :) (kidding)

Yesterday for mutual which is the youth group , we took the beehives (group for girls aged 12-14) to the pool. I thought I would be able to relax and study for a major test, but boy was I wrong. Those girls were dragging me in by my feet as soon as I got there. I am so thankful for those girls and their ability to make everyone have fun, and be included. We played categories in the pool, a game I haven't played to middle school! Those girls are so cute! I am so lucky to get to teach them and learn from them and even horse around with them. I mean let's be honest I might as well be a 12 year old girl.

Lastly, I am sitting in a study room at school jamming out to Colbie Calliet's new album. If anyone was wondering the study rooms at Texas State have amazing acoustics. I hope no one can hear me attempt to sing at the top of my lungs. I should probably get out of here and allow some dedicated student in here.

Promise I won't take so long to write again!