Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You are what you eat

So the reason I haven't posted in  a while is because my life is so dang boring. My weeks are spent in group meetings, preparing for tests, and finishing projects. All of which seem like such a waste of my time. Today my teacher told me that I am not a "B" student and that I probably have too many distractions. Are distractions negatively based? Because I have ONE HUGE distraction called a husband, two dogs, 13 church girls, and two families. I guess school is on the back burner lately. Sooooo  I thought I would entertain you with some random thoughts of the day.

Random Thought #1:
With the royal wedding on Friday, I felt that I should give future Princess Kate some advice from a newly educated housewife.

  1.  Poo-Pourri products are a must (I have heaven scent)! Boys stink up the bathroom ALOT. My sorority sister first told me about these bathroom products living in my sorority house. Poo Pourri is heaven sent, no pun intended. 
  2.  Always say nightly prayers with your husband. Praying is so calming, yoga is good too, the mix of the two is magic. I thought I would have to drag Matt to yoga... He loves it, and it's always entertaining watching him bend.. :)! 
  3. It is o.k if things aren't in place. Assuming Kate has the same amount of maids as me...(zero) Plan a cleaning day each week and always be prepared to wake up for some morning cleaning. If you want your husband to help make him his favorite cupcakes. 

Random Thought #2:
So I have recently become too obsessed with baby shows. Whether they be Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, or Pregnant in Heels. I think it's a little bit unhealthy, especially when I cry when the moms deliver the baby. I know it's creepy, and Matt totally freaks out. I always told people I wouldn't get married till I was 30. FAIL. Then I told them I wouldn't have kids till I was 30.FUTURE FAIL. I guess 22 is the new 30.

But no I am not pregnant, at least I don't think so. Anyway..... So I was watching one of my guilty pleasures and a couple were having a baby but weren't the same religion. I can relate to that with my parents totally. But, they were fighting over the religion of the baby. Finally they agreed the baby would get baptized one religion and have a baby naming ceremony for the other religion, and ultimately practice both religions. I am all for modern families, but I guess religion is such a big part of Matt and I's life that I don't understand why you would fight about your child's religion. I would hope my child wants to be LDS but that should be a decision they make right?

Random Thought #3:
So in class my teacher is making us watch KING CORN. King Corn, is a documentary about corn production in America. I have only watched 1/2 so far and it is eye opening. To be honest Matt is more  health conscious out of the two of us, and I am more of a health snob. I say health snob because saying you go to whole foods, or sprouts, seems more sophisticated then Walmart. I would also rather say I am going to Elevation Burger or Terra Burger than McDonalds. So yeah my healthiness is completely rooted in vanity. So what? After watching this I will probably always look for grass feed beef, if I eat beef at all, or free range chickens. I cannot believe what they do to these animals. It really is gross...I guess you really are what you eat, and I don't want to be made of Corn.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

patience is a virtue. One I do not have.

"I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end."
- Margaret Thatcher

My Human Resource Management teacher decided to show a "short" (short meaning 1/2 hour) video of the history of IBM. Because YouTube takes a while to download, often the video would stop and think. This had the whole class in an uproar. I didn't realize how impatient we have become, I remember when the only way to communicate over the computer was email. My first email address was cheerbabe-r-us. Yeah embarrassing! Anyhow, I was almost disgusted as the class huffed and puffed over waiting 1 min for the video to restart.

Then it hit me. I am probably the MOST impatient person in the world. Case and point Jon R. I would write out his last name, but you may know him (awkward) I will keep it as "R". If you know him.... I am sorry. I shouldn't be mean and talk poorly about someone, but my husband is tired of me venting and I need some outside advice.

So Jon R....Jon is an interesting character. Have you ever met someone that makes plans to make a plan (yeah like in "What happens in Vegas") ? Well Jon, he is the master of it. He will say... "Cassie... How about I call you at 5 pm, to talk about our plan for the project?" Why... Why Jon? Why not talk about it right now?

Also, Jon R.  ALWAYS talks about how he feels about everything. Everything starts with "check this out!" Which he precedes with a story (wayyyyy to long) about what he thinks we should do. Along with about 5 amateur examples. The only good thing about this is, he is going out into the same job world as me and will make me look genius. I knowww.. Ooohhhh it's so mean, but guys it's soooo true, he gets under my skin like a tick or a chigger.

I could name other reasons why Jon makes me cringe... but who am I? right? I feel like a mean girl, but I had to get it out. Sorry about that. I think I will serve Jon in some way, maybe send him a nice note and it will soften my heart. Do you have any better suggestions? I mean Jon isn't directly effected by my secret annoyance. I am the one who becomes tense. HELP ME!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

You guys don't get out much

The day started with me dragged Matt out of the bed. Tuesday is usually clean the house day, but since it somehow past me by, Thursday was now cleaning day. Matt is funny, he will try every trick in the book to distract you from  your main goal if your goal is cleaning or going for a morning jog. The compromise... Beastie Boys. "O.k Matt I will let you listen to Beastie Boys if you help me clean." GENIUS!

After cleaning we went to the IMAX. Last time I went to the IMAX was to see Alice and Wonderland and it was a bit disappointing. But this time I knew I wouldn't and couldn't be disappointed watching a movie full of baby elephants and baby orangutans. It was like hollywood was ease dropping when I came back from the Waco zoo and couldn't stop talking about the one dreaded up orangutan. Oh they are the cutest! I probably could get on a plane right now to Africa and volunteer as a surrogate mother for the baby orangutans. The hard part was finding a candy bar and getting Matt to stop acting a fool in public. :) 

After the short movie it was time to discover somewhere to eat. Matt and I like rummaging around to find new great places to eat. We have been pretty successful, I think we have been everywhere in the greater Austin area. I don't know how Rasta Pasta on the drag got past me. I guess I have to give some credit to Alyssa Grisham who introduced me to Rasta Pasta on a  senior Spring Break trip. There is not much I remember from the trip to Breckenridge, but I do remember LOVING Rasta Pasta. As soon as we drove past I screamed. "Nooo Wayyyy!!! Really! Matt turn this beast around." I quickly realized Matt and I didn't share the same excitement, but the food was great and Matt Loved it. 

 I somehow convinced Matt that taking me to the Dress Shoppe off Congress was a good idea,but finding clothes to wear now that I am a married Mormon is harder than you would think. But it was a great day full of new adventures. I would highly recommend both Born to be Wild in IMAX and Rasta Pasta. Soooo.... your welcome, and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cassie for President

Some people debate the war, some the economy, some get into equal rights... To get Matt riled up, I choose to debate a matter in which I am always right... SPORTS.

Well maybe that is a little arrogant... Or a lot arrogant. Nevertheless I didn't think one simple question would result in a knock-down, drag out, full on debate. So there we were on the drive home from San Marcos. Cassie Fullenwider on one side. Matt Fullenwider on the weak side obviously. :) (Meech I know you stalk my blog so don't get your feathers ruffled) "I digress," So I ask Matt a simple question, mostly because he is always complaining that we don't sit down and talk about our opinions. (Now I know why) 

The question: "Which sport demands the most athletic participants?"

Matt answers: Well what do you think? (Polite or manipulation you decide)

Cassie: Well the first thing that comes to mind is a professional boxer, then a decathlete (track athlete that participates in 10 events for a total score.)

Matt agreed with the boxer, but wasn't having the track stud... I think mostly because he knew I ran track the majority of my high school years. Instead Matt chooses a Football Lineman. I immediately think that he has been brainwashed by Pat Fullenwider, my father-in-law who just happens to be a pretty decent football player. 

The details of the argument, I mean debate, would probably provoke you to "x" out the screen, but I learned a few lessons in the hour long debate that pertains to young marrieds. 
1. Just because you know your husbands "hot-buttons" doesn't mean you should continually pull them. (Failed)
2. Never let your husband make you think you don't know about manly subjects just because you are a women.
3. End every debate with a kiss, and a statement like..."Your the man!"even though you know your right. :)

I love my husband, I am glad he lets me act like I know more about sports than him, which is absolutely false. I like that he makes me want to watch Around the Horn when he is not here so I can impress him with the current sports events that I 1/2 understand. Lastly, I love that he randomly blurts out comments like, "Cassie.... I don't think I'm black, I am black! Your confused!" 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Secrets Secrets are no fun, unless you write them in your blog.

It has been a while since I have been able to write. I will blame my husband for coming home and distracting me. That's a good enough excuse right? Matt works in San Jose and he has come home for two weeks to visit me. We have done so much just in the short time we have been here.

For starters... the day Matt was arriving to Austin I lost little Harley. That put a kink in things super fast, and instead of spending the day preparing for Matt to come home, I hit the streets posting a trillion lost dog signs and contacting animal control,vets, and pounds...and still No Harley! I didn't know how attached I was to Harley until I thought he was gone and broke down for hours. Luckily, a cute family from upstairs saw Harley and stuck them in their house all day. So Harley had a play date and I had a panic attack. Welcome home Matt!

I just hate going to school when Matt is home, in fact I am skipping today. I am not a very good example I know. But in the beginning of last week I went to school and Matt went to a teachers job fair at Texas State. We certainly   didn't expect anything because of all the lay offs in the education department, but we were hopeful. I finished getting back two tests in class and consequently wasn't in the best of moods, but was eager to see how Matt's day was. Matt told me the job fair was encouraging but turned out like the previous fairs he went to, but was starving and wanted to take me to lunch. Secrets burn holes in Matt's pockets, and finally he blurted out... I signed a contract! So we jumped for joy and thanked our Heavenly Father for looking out for us.

So now we are moving... Where??? I don't want to jinx anything. Unless Erin, my one follower wants to know :). Nonetheless, I am sooooo excited and ready to start our lives in somewhere new, what a adventure it will be, and I am scared to death. But I am happy that I have a husband who loves me, and works hard to take care of our little family.