Saturday, April 16, 2011

You guys don't get out much

The day started with me dragged Matt out of the bed. Tuesday is usually clean the house day, but since it somehow past me by, Thursday was now cleaning day. Matt is funny, he will try every trick in the book to distract you from  your main goal if your goal is cleaning or going for a morning jog. The compromise... Beastie Boys. "O.k Matt I will let you listen to Beastie Boys if you help me clean." GENIUS!

After cleaning we went to the IMAX. Last time I went to the IMAX was to see Alice and Wonderland and it was a bit disappointing. But this time I knew I wouldn't and couldn't be disappointed watching a movie full of baby elephants and baby orangutans. It was like hollywood was ease dropping when I came back from the Waco zoo and couldn't stop talking about the one dreaded up orangutan. Oh they are the cutest! I probably could get on a plane right now to Africa and volunteer as a surrogate mother for the baby orangutans. The hard part was finding a candy bar and getting Matt to stop acting a fool in public. :) 

After the short movie it was time to discover somewhere to eat. Matt and I like rummaging around to find new great places to eat. We have been pretty successful, I think we have been everywhere in the greater Austin area. I don't know how Rasta Pasta on the drag got past me. I guess I have to give some credit to Alyssa Grisham who introduced me to Rasta Pasta on a  senior Spring Break trip. There is not much I remember from the trip to Breckenridge, but I do remember LOVING Rasta Pasta. As soon as we drove past I screamed. "Nooo Wayyyy!!! Really! Matt turn this beast around." I quickly realized Matt and I didn't share the same excitement, but the food was great and Matt Loved it. 

 I somehow convinced Matt that taking me to the Dress Shoppe off Congress was a good idea,but finding clothes to wear now that I am a married Mormon is harder than you would think. But it was a great day full of new adventures. I would highly recommend both Born to be Wild in IMAX and Rasta Pasta. Soooo.... your welcome, and let me know what you think.

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