Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cassie for President

Some people debate the war, some the economy, some get into equal rights... To get Matt riled up, I choose to debate a matter in which I am always right... SPORTS.

Well maybe that is a little arrogant... Or a lot arrogant. Nevertheless I didn't think one simple question would result in a knock-down, drag out, full on debate. So there we were on the drive home from San Marcos. Cassie Fullenwider on one side. Matt Fullenwider on the weak side obviously. :) (Meech I know you stalk my blog so don't get your feathers ruffled) "I digress," So I ask Matt a simple question, mostly because he is always complaining that we don't sit down and talk about our opinions. (Now I know why) 

The question: "Which sport demands the most athletic participants?"

Matt answers: Well what do you think? (Polite or manipulation you decide)

Cassie: Well the first thing that comes to mind is a professional boxer, then a decathlete (track athlete that participates in 10 events for a total score.)

Matt agreed with the boxer, but wasn't having the track stud... I think mostly because he knew I ran track the majority of my high school years. Instead Matt chooses a Football Lineman. I immediately think that he has been brainwashed by Pat Fullenwider, my father-in-law who just happens to be a pretty decent football player. 

The details of the argument, I mean debate, would probably provoke you to "x" out the screen, but I learned a few lessons in the hour long debate that pertains to young marrieds. 
1. Just because you know your husbands "hot-buttons" doesn't mean you should continually pull them. (Failed)
2. Never let your husband make you think you don't know about manly subjects just because you are a women.
3. End every debate with a kiss, and a statement like..."Your the man!"even though you know your right. :)

I love my husband, I am glad he lets me act like I know more about sports than him, which is absolutely false. I like that he makes me want to watch Around the Horn when he is not here so I can impress him with the current sports events that I 1/2 understand. Lastly, I love that he randomly blurts out comments like, "Cassie.... I don't think I'm black, I am black! Your confused!" 

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