Friday, December 28, 2012

Mistletoe Memories

Holiday Season in the Fullenwider Household is full of family, traveling, games, and laughs. The year it all began by traveling down to good ole  Belton, Texas, where Matt's Family lives. Belton is growing on me, never in Austin would you go to the feed store to buy last minute presents. Upon entering my Mother-In-Law leans over to me and says, "OK Cassie, no jokes! And here's a tip, that lifeguard stand over there is a deer blind!" Boy I love Belton!

We had our first annual Fullenwider basketball tournament.  I promised myself not to hurt anybody. So I left half way into it to make sure my scary, unattractive, competitive side didn't show in full force on Christmas Eve.

Matt's family has a tradition of playing Christmas carols with chimes. This year we had some extended family in town that added to the chaos. Erin (sister-in-law) and I thought we would add to the fun by making fart noises when it was our turn to chime. They should have known better. 

Christmas day we drove over to the Mast's. My family attempts to rally everyone together to play a new board game. This year it was HedBanz for adults. Everyone draws a card and inserts it into a headband and has to guess what their card says. If you have a family full of adults like ours, I would highly recommend this game. We were dying laughing the whole time. 

The day after Christmas aka My Birthday Eve, I met with some of my oldest friends Stacy and Erin. It is so comfortable around people you have known your whole life and interesting to see how different and similar you still are. I feel as though each of us add something different to our unique friendship. 

For my Birthday Matt and I took the day off to spend with each other. With Matt's crazy schedule we really miss just spending time with each other. One of my very best friends Chanelle meet us for some shopping. It was the best surprise! Then we saw a movie! Our favorite thing to do for birthday's is pick out our own presents. My birthday was filled with skulls and sparkles! Not a big surprise!

This years gifts that keep on giving is my new journal to record 2013 memories. This year I am promising myself to not look back and not remember anything. I also got an membership in order to learn about the people that made it possible for me to live such a blessed life.  I am excited to learn about my great grandparents and my great greats! It will be great ;)! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

5 things to do before age 25

On multiple occasions this year I have tortured my husband with full on breakdowns centered on how fast years go by and turning 24.  One of my favorite friends Denise and I were talking about our birthdays that happen to be on the same day. I said, “I mean seriously… we are going to be 23 this year.” To which Denise smirked and said “Really Cassie? We are going to be 24!” In disbelief I quickly computed and realized indeed I am turning 24. I now remember how old I am by reciting Gangsters Paradise lyrics, “I’m twenty-three now, but will I live to see twenty-four? The way things is going I dunno!” (I choose to use proper grammar though)

 Now to some of you this breakdown is ridiculous, I am still young and have plenty of time to do the things I want. However, I catch myself wasting valuable time and not remembering what I have done with my life. (My mother-in-law says I need a journal, so I will remember better.) So as a declaration to me and whoever has time to read this (before I let another year go by seemingly wasted) I will list 5 things to do before age 25 in no particular order.

  1.   . Buy my first house: Although Matt and I have started on this already; I have been a sour sally constantly thinking that something will go wrong and the home will slip out of your fingers. Home ownership is scary, way scary, and I am bad at commitment. So this will be a huge check off the list!
  2.      Find a hobby: Matt is always telling me I need to find a hobby. Something that genuinely makes me happy. I have always wanted to be the wife that has Bunco night, or can sew clothes, or make delicious dinner. But that isn't me, at least not yet. In 2013 I need to find a hobby, a real one, one that makes me happy.
  3.    . Pop out a baby: Ok this may be TMI. Probably is, but it is true. I never thought I would get married at 21 or be wanting a family so young. But after watching a bunch of bad TV about teens having babies, or people getting pregnant and not knowing it, I thought it must be so simple to get pregnant. NOT TRUE! Getting pregnant is truly a miracle and isn't as easy as people make it seem. Now that Matt and I are finally settling down in life, it would be nice to have a cute addition. With everyone asking “so when are you going to start having kids? I tell you…it isn't easy. So I am throwing it out into the universe. I want a baby!
  4.      Run a Half Marathon: So hey this may be knocking two birds with one stone. Maybe running could be a hobby? Doubt it! I haven’t been able to tackle more than 5K so 13 miles would be treacherous. Right now I can run a pretty decent 3 miles, so I have a long way to go. Anyone with training schedules hit me up!
  5.    Go out of the country: Matt and I have been so busy getting to where we want to be professionally that we have not taken a lot of time to appreciate where we are at. I would love the chance to take a trip out of the country with my cute husband and explore together.

I must admit this list was originally going to state 10 things I wanted to do, but I got too overwhelmed with anxiety wondering when I am going to fit this all in. Sooo….. I decided 5 was a good place to start. Baby steps! I know 2013 won’t be a year where I look back and wonder what I did with my time. I pledge to take chances and make commitments, and relish how far Matt and I have come.