Monday, March 28, 2011

10 things I HATE about BEST BUY

So to bring you up to speed if I have not already vented to you about it already, (that probably only includes my one loyal follower ERIN FORD!!) I LOATH BEST BUY!

So I buy my dream digital camera at Best Buy Santana Row in San Jose, CA. So because we spent a little more than usual, my husband thought it would be a good idea if we bought a warranty for the camera. We were awful proud of ourselves because a few months later the camera broke. Some choose to dip their cookies in milk or an occasional donut. Leave it up to me to dip my new camera in milk! But it's ok right? Happens all the time, "Black Tie Warranty" has my back!

So I take my camera into best buy and they said "No problem Mrs. Fullenwider, we will fix it." So a month later I get a call that they no longer carry the part or the camera and that I will have to pick out a NEW CAMERA! woooo hooooo!!!! New Camera? This must be too good to be true, and it was too good to be true.

The general manager told me that my camera had depreciated and it is worth $50 less than what we bought it for, some warranty. Not only that, all the comparable cameras they didn't have in stock because they are going through a change. Hopefully bankruptcy, but not likely.

So I took my gift card and split... What is an extra 50 dollars when you twenty and broke? So, I found my second dream camera at Lakeline Best Buy, but of course they were all out so they sent me to the North Austin location. This is where it get interesting. The same camera at Best Buy Lakeline was over one hundred dollars more at North Austin and they wouldn't match the price. The General Manager made me look like I was the crazy one, and I wound up in tears. Best Buy can match a Wal-Mart advertisement but not a Best Buy Store advertisement 10 minutes away!Soooo here with the only camera they had in stock which is a piece. AWESOME! THANK YOU BLACK TIE!

While I am venting here are 10 more things I hate:

1. People swinging their keys on lanyards.
2. People using the elevator when they need to go up or down 1 floor.
3. Cops that speed down the highway for no reason other than they can.
4. People that don't pick up their dogs crap.
5. Panty Lines
6. The word Panty
7. When someone corrects you when they know what you are talking about
8. the phrase "Bar None." eww I get grossed out just typing it
9. The kid in class that always has something to say, and thinks he is funny. Yes he because it is always a guy.

Ahhhhh I feel much better. Thank you for that time. Now I can go about my day with a smile. And a big shout to Erin for being my first and only follower!

Friday, March 25, 2011

the dog depot society!

So usually the task of taking Kimball (mastiff puppy) to the dog park is left up to Matt. But since Matt is in San Jose for work, I get the honor of loading up the dogs and spending a sweaty hour in downtown Round Rock. At first I thought I would bring a good read and attempt to relax in the blazing hot sun, but little did I know the dog depot would become another not so elite society to add to the list.

The people that attend the dog park on a regular basis are very eclectic. It is kinda like going to Wal-Mart at 2 am, you just never know who or what you are going to see. The only difference is at the dog depot you sit and talk to them for sometimes hours! I was going to write this account yesterday... but I felt I would be much more informative if I went back for a second time to research further.

Where do I start, the first person I met was this old gay from Santa Fe. He is very intelligent, worked for the University of California, and is super friendly. His partner is an Australian Cattle Dog named Louie. For the past two days I have been hearing about how disappointed he is with Redbox because he cannot get Burlesque and it says it should be available. Hard life huh!?!

 The next guy I met was this crazy Mexican.  He has a huge black mutt and carries around a styrofoam cup full of what I am positive is vodka. The first thing that came out of his mouth was "I just love my mutt, he tells me when my boys are trying to sneak or and steal my car, So I ain't tripp'in." Gotta love that!

The next character is a cute girl about my age that has the most adorable basset hound named lumberjack! She is about the only normal girl there, glad I found her. Lumberjack is what I like to call the regulator and as soon as the dogs act up, he lets out precious basset barks.

As much as I like to make fun of the crazies at the dog park, I long to feel included. I am probably just as crazy talking about how kimball can speak spanish and that she understands me. Next blog I will include pictures of Kimball's new acquaintances.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yesterday was my lifetime fitness come back.Woo Hooo!!! Isn't it funny how new shoes inspire you to hit the gym. I wish I could say I wanted to break them in, but my true motivation was showing off my cute matching outfit to the lifetimites. My cute husband sent me new Kobe shoes in the mail from San Jose and they are precious! Don't you think?
So after my gym workout, I decided that Kimball Dog (mastiff puppy) needed some love too, so what I thought would be a leisurely jog through Teravista, turned into the Boston Marathon. Something about wind blowing through Kimball's hair provokes her to sprint full speed ahead. So through the neighborhood we went, Kimball having the time of her life, and I holding on for dear life. Sorry Cesar Millan, I have failed as a good dog parent. 

Once Kimball finally came to a pace where I could think straight, I looked over to the golf course that we live by, and noticed there was a high school tournament being held there. I immediately wondered...."Why do I not know how to play golf?" Golfing really isn't my cup of coco. So golfing triggered the fantasy of playing Tennis, and I think I could go for Tennis. Tennis is competitive and social. If I can't socially drink, then shouldn't I be able to socially kick some butt, in a nice game of Tennis. Sooo I have decided to research Tennis lessons. Surprise Matt (husband)!!!! 

I was hoping to keep my lifetime come back alive and well but instead I have to pursue these cost schedules for accounting. If I am daydreaming about the gym, doesn't that count for something? Probably not if I ate Mighty Fine for lunch huh?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

something OLD something NEW

This week I came to the realization that all girls, ladies, women, and grandmothers, need to have one friend to act a complete idiot with. My mom has Tonya Bahr a beautiful brunette from Trophy Club. My mother-in-law has "aunt" (not at all related) Elizabeth, a spunky blond from Flower mound, and I have Brittany Masoner my crazy, intense sorority sister. With all the grownup responsibilities that come with getting out of college and getting married along with the pressure to act your age, all the grown up mumbo gumbo could really drive a girl to run and eat a pazooki. 

Pazooki= barely baked cookie the size of your face, with melted ice cream! I had my first this week, and believe you me, a couple of those and you would need to go pants shopping. 

So I went to the elite relief society part and met this cute new mother Jill Taylor. After thinking man this lady has it all figured out, it's OK; she has a couple years on me. She burst my growing procrastination bubble stating, "Oh, my birthday is this month I will be turning 23." Saayyyyy WHAT?!? You mean we are the same age and I still act and look like a 16-year-old cheerleader going through puberty? So I asked my cute little sister-in-law Olivia, "Do Jill Taylor and I seem the same age?" and she quickly responded, "You are the same age? Weird! No she seems wayyy older than you!" Notice she didn't say "look" so all the compliments that I am going to be happy that I look like I am in high school do not apply. THANKS LIV!

So while shopping I found myself in Anne Taylor, Black and White, and Chicos. Those are grown up stores right? Should I get rid of my iced out skull ring? Do I need my blinged out Toms shoes? I think I do!Why do I have to change what I like to look more mature than I really am? I am glad my husband never makes me feel like the 16-year-old girl that I am inside. So what I dragged my 11-year-old sister-in-law to see the Justin Bieber Movie! What is the point of swerving into the fast lane when you can slow down and laugh a little more? 

Now my next project is knitting baby hats for a lady at church. This surely cancels out my new love of Jayden Smith, right?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wifey Crash Course

A Monday a Tuesday and Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo I am a truly domesticated women. For my 1st married spring break  I headed down to Temple, Texas. Yes, Temple... All my sorority sisters are in Panama, Padre, Vegas (insert any fun place) and here I am in Temple, truly having the time of my life.

My first project consisted of making homemade rolls, YUMMY! Of course, it wouldn't have had a legitimate Cassie stamp on them if I didn't directly or inadvertently burn the first batch. But, the second batch was on point and I added to my Spring Break diet about 1000 Calories.

Project Baby Blanket was interesting. I have never in my life sewed anything of any sort, and I was completely lacking in confidence. I must admit my first side looks like a homeless drunk took to the sewing machine, but then my father-in-law told me to hit the gas (something I could totally relate to) and I got the hang of it and it turned out kinda o.k for my first time.

My favorite challenge that I am concurring courageously right now is Cupcakes. In fact 90 cupcakes for a ladies church party tonight. Relief Society, is an elite group of well anyone that comes to church and is over the age of 18. But, after 4 years of sorority life, I feel like I graduated to a whole new sisterhood. I will forever love my Delta Zeta sisters, but I think I took one step in a grown direction. Go Me!

My last challenge is a bundle of 5 underage girls to babysit for the day. After this experience I will let you know if I am still dying to start my little family. I think it will be fun, I will have the opportunity to get my Bieber Fever on without getting disgusted stares and my cute little sister-in-law introduced me to Cody Simpson, and he may just be my new guilty pleasure.

Although I have always had the image of me running around working hard and bring in TONS of money, this housewife stuff is extremely intriguing and surprisingly challenging. Who wouldn't love  a day of serving and munching. RIGHT?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two Poops. Two Pees.

Sunday Confession:
Aren't diaries supposed to be hid under the pillow and fastened with a lock? How intriguing it is to publicize your thoughts for the world to read, or more realistically you to read over and over again hoping someone will like. But now that I have the liberty to write all my deepest desires all I feel passionate about writing at the moment is the desire for my puppy Kimball to poop after she eats so I don't have to continue to take her outside.

 It is starting to be pretty pathetic that a major highlight of my day is when the Kimball&Harley our two dogs poop and pee when I take them outside to the dog park. Is this what being a newlywed is like? I have a new husband, a new home, new puppy, and even a new name and my hearts greatest desire is for my dog to take a dump. Once you have it all what is next?

I am really lucky to have married the greatest man on the planet. But  once you get married who is supposed to pass down the married life for dummies handbook. Being Mormon and married isn't spectacular by any means but like all newlyweds probably feel, I think Matt and I have something pretty special. I am learning to be a better wife, better friend, and better listener. I guess the real lesson I am learning is that there will be days that the best part is when your dogs go to the bathroom, but that doesn't mean that you can't find entertainment in the simple blessings that you have been accustomed to.