Monday, March 28, 2011

10 things I HATE about BEST BUY

So to bring you up to speed if I have not already vented to you about it already, (that probably only includes my one loyal follower ERIN FORD!!) I LOATH BEST BUY!

So I buy my dream digital camera at Best Buy Santana Row in San Jose, CA. So because we spent a little more than usual, my husband thought it would be a good idea if we bought a warranty for the camera. We were awful proud of ourselves because a few months later the camera broke. Some choose to dip their cookies in milk or an occasional donut. Leave it up to me to dip my new camera in milk! But it's ok right? Happens all the time, "Black Tie Warranty" has my back!

So I take my camera into best buy and they said "No problem Mrs. Fullenwider, we will fix it." So a month later I get a call that they no longer carry the part or the camera and that I will have to pick out a NEW CAMERA! woooo hooooo!!!! New Camera? This must be too good to be true, and it was too good to be true.

The general manager told me that my camera had depreciated and it is worth $50 less than what we bought it for, some warranty. Not only that, all the comparable cameras they didn't have in stock because they are going through a change. Hopefully bankruptcy, but not likely.

So I took my gift card and split... What is an extra 50 dollars when you twenty and broke? So, I found my second dream camera at Lakeline Best Buy, but of course they were all out so they sent me to the North Austin location. This is where it get interesting. The same camera at Best Buy Lakeline was over one hundred dollars more at North Austin and they wouldn't match the price. The General Manager made me look like I was the crazy one, and I wound up in tears. Best Buy can match a Wal-Mart advertisement but not a Best Buy Store advertisement 10 minutes away!Soooo here with the only camera they had in stock which is a piece. AWESOME! THANK YOU BLACK TIE!

While I am venting here are 10 more things I hate:

1. People swinging their keys on lanyards.
2. People using the elevator when they need to go up or down 1 floor.
3. Cops that speed down the highway for no reason other than they can.
4. People that don't pick up their dogs crap.
5. Panty Lines
6. The word Panty
7. When someone corrects you when they know what you are talking about
8. the phrase "Bar None." eww I get grossed out just typing it
9. The kid in class that always has something to say, and thinks he is funny. Yes he because it is always a guy.

Ahhhhh I feel much better. Thank you for that time. Now I can go about my day with a smile. And a big shout to Erin for being my first and only follower!

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  1. haha that's awful! i read this and started laughing and then i felt bad bc that sounds like an awful experience! i'm sorry boo boo. and i read your blog love, so KEEP POSTING!