Monday, April 11, 2011

Secrets Secrets are no fun, unless you write them in your blog.

It has been a while since I have been able to write. I will blame my husband for coming home and distracting me. That's a good enough excuse right? Matt works in San Jose and he has come home for two weeks to visit me. We have done so much just in the short time we have been here.

For starters... the day Matt was arriving to Austin I lost little Harley. That put a kink in things super fast, and instead of spending the day preparing for Matt to come home, I hit the streets posting a trillion lost dog signs and contacting animal control,vets, and pounds...and still No Harley! I didn't know how attached I was to Harley until I thought he was gone and broke down for hours. Luckily, a cute family from upstairs saw Harley and stuck them in their house all day. So Harley had a play date and I had a panic attack. Welcome home Matt!

I just hate going to school when Matt is home, in fact I am skipping today. I am not a very good example I know. But in the beginning of last week I went to school and Matt went to a teachers job fair at Texas State. We certainly   didn't expect anything because of all the lay offs in the education department, but we were hopeful. I finished getting back two tests in class and consequently wasn't in the best of moods, but was eager to see how Matt's day was. Matt told me the job fair was encouraging but turned out like the previous fairs he went to, but was starving and wanted to take me to lunch. Secrets burn holes in Matt's pockets, and finally he blurted out... I signed a contract! So we jumped for joy and thanked our Heavenly Father for looking out for us.

So now we are moving... Where??? I don't want to jinx anything. Unless Erin, my one follower wants to know :). Nonetheless, I am sooooo excited and ready to start our lives in somewhere new, what a adventure it will be, and I am scared to death. But I am happy that I have a husband who loves me, and works hard to take care of our little family.

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