Saturday, March 19, 2011

something OLD something NEW

This week I came to the realization that all girls, ladies, women, and grandmothers, need to have one friend to act a complete idiot with. My mom has Tonya Bahr a beautiful brunette from Trophy Club. My mother-in-law has "aunt" (not at all related) Elizabeth, a spunky blond from Flower mound, and I have Brittany Masoner my crazy, intense sorority sister. With all the grownup responsibilities that come with getting out of college and getting married along with the pressure to act your age, all the grown up mumbo gumbo could really drive a girl to run and eat a pazooki. 

Pazooki= barely baked cookie the size of your face, with melted ice cream! I had my first this week, and believe you me, a couple of those and you would need to go pants shopping. 

So I went to the elite relief society part and met this cute new mother Jill Taylor. After thinking man this lady has it all figured out, it's OK; she has a couple years on me. She burst my growing procrastination bubble stating, "Oh, my birthday is this month I will be turning 23." Saayyyyy WHAT?!? You mean we are the same age and I still act and look like a 16-year-old cheerleader going through puberty? So I asked my cute little sister-in-law Olivia, "Do Jill Taylor and I seem the same age?" and she quickly responded, "You are the same age? Weird! No she seems wayyy older than you!" Notice she didn't say "look" so all the compliments that I am going to be happy that I look like I am in high school do not apply. THANKS LIV!

So while shopping I found myself in Anne Taylor, Black and White, and Chicos. Those are grown up stores right? Should I get rid of my iced out skull ring? Do I need my blinged out Toms shoes? I think I do!Why do I have to change what I like to look more mature than I really am? I am glad my husband never makes me feel like the 16-year-old girl that I am inside. So what I dragged my 11-year-old sister-in-law to see the Justin Bieber Movie! What is the point of swerving into the fast lane when you can slow down and laugh a little more? 

Now my next project is knitting baby hats for a lady at church. This surely cancels out my new love of Jayden Smith, right?

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