Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yesterday was my lifetime fitness come back.Woo Hooo!!! Isn't it funny how new shoes inspire you to hit the gym. I wish I could say I wanted to break them in, but my true motivation was showing off my cute matching outfit to the lifetimites. My cute husband sent me new Kobe shoes in the mail from San Jose and they are precious! Don't you think?
So after my gym workout, I decided that Kimball Dog (mastiff puppy) needed some love too, so what I thought would be a leisurely jog through Teravista, turned into the Boston Marathon. Something about wind blowing through Kimball's hair provokes her to sprint full speed ahead. So through the neighborhood we went, Kimball having the time of her life, and I holding on for dear life. Sorry Cesar Millan, I have failed as a good dog parent. 

Once Kimball finally came to a pace where I could think straight, I looked over to the golf course that we live by, and noticed there was a high school tournament being held there. I immediately wondered...."Why do I not know how to play golf?" Golfing really isn't my cup of coco. So golfing triggered the fantasy of playing Tennis, and I think I could go for Tennis. Tennis is competitive and social. If I can't socially drink, then shouldn't I be able to socially kick some butt, in a nice game of Tennis. Sooo I have decided to research Tennis lessons. Surprise Matt (husband)!!!! 

I was hoping to keep my lifetime come back alive and well but instead I have to pursue these cost schedules for accounting. If I am daydreaming about the gym, doesn't that count for something? Probably not if I ate Mighty Fine for lunch huh?

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