Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wifey Crash Course

A Monday a Tuesday and Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo I am a truly domesticated women. For my 1st married spring break  I headed down to Temple, Texas. Yes, Temple... All my sorority sisters are in Panama, Padre, Vegas (insert any fun place) and here I am in Temple, truly having the time of my life.

My first project consisted of making homemade rolls, YUMMY! Of course, it wouldn't have had a legitimate Cassie stamp on them if I didn't directly or inadvertently burn the first batch. But, the second batch was on point and I added to my Spring Break diet about 1000 Calories.

Project Baby Blanket was interesting. I have never in my life sewed anything of any sort, and I was completely lacking in confidence. I must admit my first side looks like a homeless drunk took to the sewing machine, but then my father-in-law told me to hit the gas (something I could totally relate to) and I got the hang of it and it turned out kinda o.k for my first time.

My favorite challenge that I am concurring courageously right now is Cupcakes. In fact 90 cupcakes for a ladies church party tonight. Relief Society, is an elite group of well anyone that comes to church and is over the age of 18. But, after 4 years of sorority life, I feel like I graduated to a whole new sisterhood. I will forever love my Delta Zeta sisters, but I think I took one step in a grown direction. Go Me!

My last challenge is a bundle of 5 underage girls to babysit for the day. After this experience I will let you know if I am still dying to start my little family. I think it will be fun, I will have the opportunity to get my Bieber Fever on without getting disgusted stares and my cute little sister-in-law introduced me to Cody Simpson, and he may just be my new guilty pleasure.

Although I have always had the image of me running around working hard and bring in TONS of money, this housewife stuff is extremely intriguing and surprisingly challenging. Who wouldn't love  a day of serving and munching. RIGHT?

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  1. Your mother-in-law gave me my first lesson in sewing,too! I still have the blanket she helped me make. It is U-G-L-Y but I love it!
    ps-This is Heleen