Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two Poops. Two Pees.

Sunday Confession:
Aren't diaries supposed to be hid under the pillow and fastened with a lock? How intriguing it is to publicize your thoughts for the world to read, or more realistically you to read over and over again hoping someone will like. But now that I have the liberty to write all my deepest desires all I feel passionate about writing at the moment is the desire for my puppy Kimball to poop after she eats so I don't have to continue to take her outside.

 It is starting to be pretty pathetic that a major highlight of my day is when the Kimball&Harley our two dogs poop and pee when I take them outside to the dog park. Is this what being a newlywed is like? I have a new husband, a new home, new puppy, and even a new name and my hearts greatest desire is for my dog to take a dump. Once you have it all what is next?

I am really lucky to have married the greatest man on the planet. But  once you get married who is supposed to pass down the married life for dummies handbook. Being Mormon and married isn't spectacular by any means but like all newlyweds probably feel, I think Matt and I have something pretty special. I am learning to be a better wife, better friend, and better listener. I guess the real lesson I am learning is that there will be days that the best part is when your dogs go to the bathroom, but that doesn't mean that you can't find entertainment in the simple blessings that you have been accustomed to.

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