Wednesday, April 20, 2011

patience is a virtue. One I do not have.

"I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end."
- Margaret Thatcher

My Human Resource Management teacher decided to show a "short" (short meaning 1/2 hour) video of the history of IBM. Because YouTube takes a while to download, often the video would stop and think. This had the whole class in an uproar. I didn't realize how impatient we have become, I remember when the only way to communicate over the computer was email. My first email address was cheerbabe-r-us. Yeah embarrassing! Anyhow, I was almost disgusted as the class huffed and puffed over waiting 1 min for the video to restart.

Then it hit me. I am probably the MOST impatient person in the world. Case and point Jon R. I would write out his last name, but you may know him (awkward) I will keep it as "R". If you know him.... I am sorry. I shouldn't be mean and talk poorly about someone, but my husband is tired of me venting and I need some outside advice.

So Jon R....Jon is an interesting character. Have you ever met someone that makes plans to make a plan (yeah like in "What happens in Vegas") ? Well Jon, he is the master of it. He will say... "Cassie... How about I call you at 5 pm, to talk about our plan for the project?" Why... Why Jon? Why not talk about it right now?

Also, Jon R.  ALWAYS talks about how he feels about everything. Everything starts with "check this out!" Which he precedes with a story (wayyyyy to long) about what he thinks we should do. Along with about 5 amateur examples. The only good thing about this is, he is going out into the same job world as me and will make me look genius. I knowww.. Ooohhhh it's so mean, but guys it's soooo true, he gets under my skin like a tick or a chigger.

I could name other reasons why Jon makes me cringe... but who am I? right? I feel like a mean girl, but I had to get it out. Sorry about that. I think I will serve Jon in some way, maybe send him a nice note and it will soften my heart. Do you have any better suggestions? I mean Jon isn't directly effected by my secret annoyance. I am the one who becomes tense. HELP ME!

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