Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You are what you eat

So the reason I haven't posted in  a while is because my life is so dang boring. My weeks are spent in group meetings, preparing for tests, and finishing projects. All of which seem like such a waste of my time. Today my teacher told me that I am not a "B" student and that I probably have too many distractions. Are distractions negatively based? Because I have ONE HUGE distraction called a husband, two dogs, 13 church girls, and two families. I guess school is on the back burner lately. Sooooo  I thought I would entertain you with some random thoughts of the day.

Random Thought #1:
With the royal wedding on Friday, I felt that I should give future Princess Kate some advice from a newly educated housewife.

  1.  Poo-Pourri products are a must (I have heaven scent)! Boys stink up the bathroom ALOT. My sorority sister first told me about these bathroom products living in my sorority house. Poo Pourri is heaven sent, no pun intended. 
  2.  Always say nightly prayers with your husband. Praying is so calming, yoga is good too, the mix of the two is magic. I thought I would have to drag Matt to yoga... He loves it, and it's always entertaining watching him bend.. :)! 
  3. It is o.k if things aren't in place. Assuming Kate has the same amount of maids as me...(zero) Plan a cleaning day each week and always be prepared to wake up for some morning cleaning. If you want your husband to help make him his favorite cupcakes. 

Random Thought #2:
So I have recently become too obsessed with baby shows. Whether they be Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, or Pregnant in Heels. I think it's a little bit unhealthy, especially when I cry when the moms deliver the baby. I know it's creepy, and Matt totally freaks out. I always told people I wouldn't get married till I was 30. FAIL. Then I told them I wouldn't have kids till I was 30.FUTURE FAIL. I guess 22 is the new 30.

But no I am not pregnant, at least I don't think so. Anyway..... So I was watching one of my guilty pleasures and a couple were having a baby but weren't the same religion. I can relate to that with my parents totally. But, they were fighting over the religion of the baby. Finally they agreed the baby would get baptized one religion and have a baby naming ceremony for the other religion, and ultimately practice both religions. I am all for modern families, but I guess religion is such a big part of Matt and I's life that I don't understand why you would fight about your child's religion. I would hope my child wants to be LDS but that should be a decision they make right?

Random Thought #3:
So in class my teacher is making us watch KING CORN. King Corn, is a documentary about corn production in America. I have only watched 1/2 so far and it is eye opening. To be honest Matt is more  health conscious out of the two of us, and I am more of a health snob. I say health snob because saying you go to whole foods, or sprouts, seems more sophisticated then Walmart. I would also rather say I am going to Elevation Burger or Terra Burger than McDonalds. So yeah my healthiness is completely rooted in vanity. So what? After watching this I will probably always look for grass feed beef, if I eat beef at all, or free range chickens. I cannot believe what they do to these animals. It really is gross...I guess you really are what you eat, and I don't want to be made of Corn.

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