Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Husband is Insane :)

Matt is now in gladiator mode. He came back from California and is set on getting to his fighting weight in order to kick high schoolers butt on the basketball court. What does this mean for me? Well.... I am sure he wouldn't mind me sitting at home watching t.v and making cupcakes, but I am too dang competitive and won't let myself. So here I sit after a day of insanity double workouts at lifetime and I can barely move. The only good that came out of it is that I have a better excuse for going to bed at 9:00 pm.

Insanity day 1 was ridiculous. You start out by doing a fit test which lets you know how bad of shape you are in. I honestly thought I would kick some butt, because I have a warped sense of self worth. Instead I was panting for breath as sweat literally rolled off my head onto my clean floor. It wasn't a good time.

I am excited to start eating more healthy (if that is possible) and getting a good beach body for Corpus Christi. I just wish there was a short cut, which I have been told over and over is too expensive and doesn't last. Maybe at least I will be able to get cut workout clothes out of it right?

So here are the embarrassing day 1 pictures. Hope you enjoy a good laugh! 

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