Friday, July 22, 2011

Cheaters Cheaters are no fun!

As I take a break from my astrology studying, I thought I would enlighten you on a battle I have been having with myself this week. I am taking 10 hours this summer semester and all my tests/projects seem to land on the same day. One of my great management teachers also decided to give us 3 tests in 8 days,  that covers an entire book. So I have read the most boring management textbook in a total of about 2 weeks. So with that back story, I will now confess my frustrations.

Nearly all of my management capstone class has all the answers to every test. I don't know how these things get passed around but surely not by the Professor. Two individuals offered me the answers and with them I would definitely get an A for all the tests. But somehow the angel on my shoulder said I could do it without them, and I would feel guilty for cheating. Well, I couldn't do it without them (thanks deceptive angel) and I know have earned  both an B and a C on my tests. What a complete failure to have studied so hard and have your grade not reflect that. Especially since I have an A in my other classes.

So I wondered to myself....what makes people cheat? Kim Cattrall says "because they can." Why can't I be more like them? Why can't I say... "Cassie stick it to the man, get an A any way you can!" I don't know.....while 80% of my classmates have the answers and are getting A's and B's I am struggling to make it in my senior exit class. I am completely unmotivated and wonder "why bother!" What would you do? Would you get the answers and think you have outsmarted the system. Sometimes you think my good ethics/morals will pay off. THEY DON'T! Well not in the classroom setting at least. I am glad that I stuck to my guns even though I will probably get a B in the class. If you don't stand for will fall for anything.

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