Monday, April 30, 2012

Wife of the Week.

Let pretend it hasn't been a full year since I have written on my blog. Let's also pretend I am not using my work time to write in my blog.

Last week I decided to make a major change in my married life. I decided to cook a full homemade meal. Homemade drinks, homemade dessert, homemade dinner. One of my favorite lines from Real Housewives of OC is "Be nice, it will confuse them." Well to say the least my husband is thoroughly confused. He even went to the extent to ask my dear friend Cara if I was going to spring any news on him that would require buttering up to him. This is great news to me, that means I can be a little naughty and he is expecting it!

One of my co-workers ridiculed me on  the fact that I get off at 5:00 pm every day and wait for Matt to get off at 9:00 to come home and make us dinner while I lounge on the couch and watch "Bethany Ever After". She lectured that I was perfectly capable to make my dear husband dinner. Well capable may be an overstatement, but actually it was a huge success. Who knew that a little tasty love would change our marriage for the better.

Tonight I am making Thai Peanut Noodles. Well.. at least attempting. Maybe I will confuse my husband into putting the laundry away. Is it all men that fold laundry and then leave it out for a week. Oh brother.

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