Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bus Bust

So my tweet praising myself about how environmentally friendly I have become by making the decision to ride the bus to school each morning royally jinxed me. As I headed off to school two hours too early in order to catch a ride to school on a bad side of town I forgot to bring exact change. The bus driver must have been in a particularly good mood because he allowed me to bum a ride for free my first time on the Texas State tram and assured me that it happens all the time. I am going to call fib though because everyone else knew to purchase a punch card except me. What a newbie loser!

Don't mind me though I sat quietly with my marketing article as I sipped water from my environmentally friendly cup and ate my cliff bar. I was feeling extra Austiny if I do say so myself. I kind of reminded myself of someone you would find in REI except without the beard.

I got to school just fine... the trouble came with the ride home. I had originally thought that I needed to get on the bus at 3:44 pm I mean of course right, that is a perfectly normal departure time right? WRONG! I was mystified as the cute girl at the information desk found humor at the fact that I would need to wait an extra 3 hours to catch the next bus to Austin. I was about to shove my carbon footprint up her cute side pony tailed butt, instead I held back tears as I said O.K great. So I thought don't worry Cassie you are a problem solver just call San Marcos' public transportation. (small piece of advice when the last four #'s of the phone # spell out R-I-D-E make sure you get the number right, my ears will be bleeding for days)

So after all that here I am wasting away in the Texas State University Computer Lab complaining to you. I hope you find as much humor in my situation as info girl did. Tomorrow I will try the process over again, and hopefully be at least 100% more successful. My poor puppies, locked up in the dungeon all day. :( And all I wanted to do was save a little money and save the Earth.

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