Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No One is Off Limits

So before I start ripping into my new friends on my flag football team, I will start out on a lighter note. Yesterday while diving for a ball I found out that I am painfully allergic to grass. Immediately after rolling to get up, my whole back felt like it was on fire. So I viciously ran up to anyone close and started rubbing my entire back on them. I am sure they were thrilled with my sweaty back and arms rubbing all over them. Thankfully Matt wasn’t there to witness my promiscuity.  So now I will be wearing full body sweats to my next game.

So now onto the next, the results from back to back football games…. Basically it was horrendous. For those of you that know me well know that I absolutely hate to lose. What I hate worse than losing is losing badly. Let me just tell you I always keep score (ask my husband) and in these games it was completely pointless. I kept a good attitude and a smile on my face until I got into my secret lair (car) and immediately vented to my trusty side kick (husband). His response was “Well, football has a specific physicality that YOU are probably not used to. So you were probably falling ALL OVER the place.” Needless to say that comment set me off after a hard loss. But we made up after a Culvers Sundae and I have decided to give everyone including myself a second chance. So I will keep the tongue lashing to a minimum until next week, the no one is off limits. 

Oh yes, I have also been going back and forth on which of my teammates will find my blog and ban me from the team. Therefore, when things start to get really good or ugly, I will make up code names. Then I will be safe from exile. Anything thoughts?

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