Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Three signs that point to your Husband watching too much Reality TV

I feel so bad for my poor husband. He must be the best husband on earth to sit through all the sappy reality TV I watch. Now that all the sports we watch have concluded it has become even worse. After my ritual of cleaning house, we sat down to watch some TV before bed.

Sign #1: Your husband is genuinely upset that you erased the last episode of the bachelorette because he didn’t get to see the ending.

·         Now I know that my husband can live without watching The Bachelorette each week. But, once you have men all roped up in a love quadrilateral, it can be kind of addicting. Plus you have to admit, watching John get sent home was a little funny.

Sign #2: You husband compares you and your family/friends  to members of the Real Housewives

·         I don’t know how many times I have heard. “Man she pulled a Vicki!”

Sign #3: In order to convince you he is telling the truth he uses the phrase “Bible!”

·         No lie, last night my husband predicted the ending of Misadvised when a date turned horribly wrong when a guy took the girl to the strip club. When the guy told the girl he had a surprise, Matt knew it would be the strip club.

o   Of course I thought Matt had seen the episode and the prediction was a hoax. In order to proclaim his innocence Matt yells “Bible, I didn’t know!” I guess we are an unofficial member of the Kardashians. Yikes!

Lesson Learned! I will make sure that we fit in some manly shows throughout the week. Some shows Matt will absolutely refuse to watch, but others can be a little catchy. Either way, Matt makes such a sacrifice to become interested in the shows I like to watch, the least I can do is watch Pawn Stars every once in a while.

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