Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mommy & ME

For the past 9 month I have been living in Jealousy as one of my closest friends has been pregnant with her first child, a girl even! I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new baby, and scheming to figure out how I can discreetly kidnap her. Matt and I aren’t super serious about having kids yet since we are still young. However, there is something so special and magical about bringing a child into the world.

The night before last I got a call in the middle of watching The Real Housewives of O.C Reunion part 2. Typically I wouldn't even answer the phone and disrupt the brilliance transpiring on the television, but this call was from my cute pregnant friend. With sweaty hands I answer the phone and wait to hear that WE are having a baby. Even better…. Her water broke at work up north where we live and where the hospital is, and they live far away in the hills of Westlake. So, they asked if they could hang out with us for a couple hours before checking into the hospital. In the movies when a woman goes into labor it is almost animalistic with the yelling and clawing and punching.Well what I am really trying to say is… when and if I go into labor expect the punching to be in full force! Cute pregnant friend was calm and lovely. What an amazing mother she will be!

Matt was jumping up and down screaming “We are having a baby!” It was so cute how excited he got for our sweet friends. Then Matt and Mike (daddy to be) started joking about if I get pregnant I will be demanding foot rubs and back massages by every passerby that makes eye contact. Valid! So basically if I go into labor and suggest coming over to your house, object!

The next day we finally got to meet baby Libby. It was so amazing to finally meet her after seeing the first ultrasound so long ago. She was so little and perfect, (much unlike the giant mess Matt and I will have.) I can just imagine the 2 foot baby 12 pound baby that will explode out of my body thank to the oversized husband I have. All in all it was the most unique spiritual experience I have had and I can now be found googling cute nursery ideas for the non-baby I have. Creepy! 


  1. This is sweet Cassie! You will be a great mom when you get to that point. Your future babies are lucky to have two parents that are so good together!

    1. That is so sweet Sarah! I am seriously fearful of what kind of mom I would be. I am still so selfish and sarcastic. I just hope my children aren't total brats like their mother haha. I miss you friend!