Friday, September 7, 2012

Home Sweet Home?

One of my most annoying qualities is that when I set my mind up to do something, I obsess. There have been a few fast fading fads that I obsess over for about a month and then push them off to the side like a needy high school boyfriend. For example:

Insanity: Bought the full work out tapes and was pretty hardcore consistent for about a week and a half but could never quite get the hang of torturing myself every morning before school/work. I have sworn over and over I would restart but, hello I have new fads to worry about.

·     Refurbishing furniture: Had a minor addiction to bargain shopping at thrift stores and garage sales with the idea that my apartment would be super trendy and shabby chic. Well,  let me just tell you, if a crap load of other people’s unwanted junk is chic, then I have got the concept mastered.

·     Homemade cards: I have been faithfully attending a card club with Cedar Park’s finest and convinced myself I had what it takes to take it to the next level. I am still in the mist of this fad, but have already watched the steady decline as my tools stack up and the time spend between card making increases.

Which brings me to my most expensive recent fad, house hunting. As I watch our budget shrink with the rising costs of living at the domain, I think, why we are wasting so much money on rent? I think this is probably the exact same excuse everyone uses to convince themselves they are ready for a bigger commitment. The scary part is I haven’t committed to an apartment for a full year since college and there are so many factors to consider.

Maybe you more experienced/rational friends or family can give a girl a hand. What is important…location, space, and price? What is better… existing, or new construction? The big problem we are running into is that our dream location does not have a lot to offer in our price range and I would immediately want to tear every old rusty piece of the home apart and redo it to my liking, you know other people's chic junk!

All these decisions make me break out and wonder how anyone purchases their first home without making major compromises. I am hoping if I pray long and hard enough the perfect house with the perfect price in the perfect location will just pop up. Your laughing at me, aren’t you? I am also hoping like most of the other fads, this obsession poofs, disappears and I will be perfectly satisfied with renting for the years to come.


  1. Cassie, crazy blog stalker here- I saw you on Elyse's blog and had to come over and then HAD to comment when I read this post. I am soooo OBSESSED with house hunting. Online. Zillow is all I do in my free time (nap time) online. I also have the phone app. It's ridiculous. Good luck finding a house, if that's what you do! I can't wait till we get to buy one!

  2. Hi Tara! I encourage blog stalking on the regular! I just love Elyse. Narrowing down the areas that we want to be in has been a war. But I think we are figured out the best thing for us is a new build. But I don't want to get buyers remorse. Does that exist in home buying? Happy to meet you, and I will be stalking your blog now :)