Monday, September 24, 2012


Do you remember that show on MTV “Fanatic,” where people would go crazy and hyperventilate over meeting their favorite band? I always thought these crazy loons don’t have a life. Well, I married one of those loons and every other day I get to hear how awesome it would be to see Aerosmith and meet Steven Tyler.

Do you agree that it’s ridiculous that every major life event of ours needs to be planned around Aerosmith tour dates? While Matt was working in California he purchased tickets to his first Aerosmith concert, and to his dismay Steven Tyler fell off the stage and cancelled the tour. So, Matt thought it would be a great idea to spend our honeymoon at an Aerosmith concert. A couple days beforehand the concert was cancelled yet again and we had to spend our honeymoon lodged up in Vegas! I was not the happiest of happy brides.

While standing in the line at a dominos Matt gets inspired to pick up one of the magazines lying on the bench, and on the front cover is this advertisement (above). I knew I hated dominos for a reason. Matt 

looked at me and said “I will not bring it up all weekend, just think about it.” 

So Monday morning at 10 am comes and Matt immediately gets on the line to order our tickets. I couldn’t say no to the poor guy. As long as he doesn’t start crying I can bare a couple hours of stinky rockers and Matt screaming along to every song. 

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