Thursday, October 11, 2012


A co-worker recently asked me, “If you don’t drink, what gets you excited?” I immediately replied, lots of things…….. (Then I drew a blank). He responded “Your TV shows?” “Yeah, Yeah, I screamed, my TV shows!” Then I realized escaping reality through sitting my big butt on the couch probably was the lamest answer I could come up with… so I tried again. “Well…. I love organizing! My planner gets me excited.” (What? That isn't impressive either?) “Ok…. I love to craft! You know like making greeting cards, and decorating cupcakes, and bat lollipops!” Bat Lollipops???  

I frequently browse for new fun ideas. I purchased their cookbook in Dallas, and have been in love ever since. They have tons of great ideas for quick easy meals, and treats to impress all your friends.
I found the Idea for Bat Lollipops. They are cute, cheap, quick, and easy. All you need is:
1.       Oreos (double stuft)
2.       Almond Chocolate Bark
3.       Thin Lollipop Sticks (important that they are thin or your Oreo will fall right off)
4.       Floral Foam (to stick the   lollipops in)
5.       Black Cardstock (for wings)
6.       Candy Eye Balls
7.       Lollipop holder (optional)
8.       Fun tin can or pumpkin “treat or trick” bag to put the lollipops in when you done.
I purchased enough ingredients to make lollipops for 5 families at church all for under $30.

Step 1: Cut out wings with your black card stock  This is the most time consuming part. I used a template I found on Google images and traced on the card stock  mostly because I haven’t found out how to use my Cricut.
Step 2: Stick the Lollipop (Thin) Stick into the cream portion of the Oreo. Make sure it is on good or it will fall right off once it hits the chocolate. I think Matt stuck them on wrong purposely, so he could eat all the chocolate dipped Oreo. Just a theory!
Step 3: Melt your chocolate, make sure to follow the directions for melting because the chocolate will burn easily! Believe me I have gone through tons of chocolate.
Step 4: Dip the lollipop Oreo in the melted chocolate, and cover completely. At this time stick the black cardboard wings in the side of the chocolate Oreo, they will stick to the chocolate…. I promise!
Step 5: Stick the Bat Lollipop in the Holder to dry. Once the chocolate becomes less glossy and hardens stick the candy eyes in the chocolate. If you attempt to stick the eyes in at the same time as the wings they will fall right off and you will have eyes near the butt of your bat. NOT CUTE!

Step 6: Place the floral foam in the bottom of you decorative tin, while your lollipops harden in the fridge or counter.  Once your lollipops are hard and set, stick the lollipop in the foam, and you have a fun treat to share. (or not hehe)  

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