Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rule Follower

Working in an industry where you’re forced to talk to people all day can be both satisfying and exhausting. When I come home the last thing I want to do is talk some more, which is probably a blessing for my husband. This week I decided to divulge the inner workings of my mind. Scary I know!

My mind raced around the fallacy that structured religion is strictly used for an excuse to live by a moral code. Now, I am a HUGE rule follower. I remember in 5th grade tattling on Josh Davila for sneaking his comics into his Math book during homework time, and the feeling of gratification that followed when he got in trouble by the teacher. Again, I am a huge rule follower!

I was watching Locked up Abroad, a TV show that details how people became smugglers and how they get caught. Recently there was a young man that decided to travel to South America after a bad break up. When he got to the hotel he noticed a bunch of people in the same predicament. His words were “I had no interest in doing Cocaine, but it was available, so I tried it.” WHHHATTT??? Do people really live that way? How can people have no desire to do something, but doing it anyway because they don’t have boundaries?

I am thankful I have a how-to-guide. I am thankful that I have a set of guidelines and boundaries. I believe there is a lot more to religion than strict guidelines. However, if that was all it was, would that be so bad? I am so thankful that I grew up in a church that taught self-control and self-respect.

I can’t imagine traveling through life without a map.

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  1. I truly am so thankful for you each and every day. You are an example to so many around you and again, I am truly blessed that you are my daughter. I love you baby.