Friday, November 16, 2012

Married Girl Problems

I get the question, “what is the hardest part about being married?” I often wonder why people even have to ask me this question. Most people that know me well know I HATE TO SHARE! I am one of those annoying people that will be the first one to take a huge bite out of your meal, but when you ask for mine, I push my plate away. I know awful!

Lately since Matt and I are saving to put a down payment on a home, we have been cutting back on the little snacks/treats we used to stock up on. One of the main things we spend our money on is food, and by sticking to a strict budget we often crave junk food. I have noticed that if I leave out ANYTHING  ANYTHING, whether it is junk good or leftovers, Matt will devour it!

Last night I left for a meeting leaving some Pringles I used a bonus gift card from work on. (My money, my food! RIGHT? Yeah probably wrong!) I know there is still a lot I need to learn about marriage and sharing. Anyhow, I was fully expecting Matt to eat some of them. NOT ALL OF THEM! I come home mouthwatering for a salty snack and to my dismay I reach for the Pringles and they are gone! Completely gone! This is not the first time this has happened this week.

I have also been hoarding water bottles, taking them to work, and filling them up in our Ozarka water dispenser to save on getting water bottles at the store. Is that considered stealing? Anyways, if I leave a water bottle I have spent a good amount of time and thought on stealing from the office, Matt will drink IT ALL! All of it, not a swig or swallow, he drinks it all.

So now the most common phrase in our household is “YOU ATE/DRANK IT ALL!REALLY?”

By far the hardest thing about being married for me is the sharing! I sure hope we quickly get the money we need for a down payment, not so we can go back to buying junk food, but so I can buy a separate fridge with a lock on it.

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