Monday, November 5, 2012

There’s no crying in Basketball

For those of you who don’t know, my over sized husband used to play college basketball at Texas State University (where I stalked him, and forced him to marry me!) There have been multiple times in our short 2 year marriage that we have argued over who is better than whom in basketball. Let me just remind you the only legitimate basketball I played was high school JV. But hey, I was awarded most improved!

Since I grew up in a basketball loving family, I feel it is my right to get to play basketball wherever and whenever I would like.

 Much like the connection I have with yoga or shopping, Matt claims that basketball is his release time. Where he can free his mind and forget about his nagging wife (Unless of course I invite myself to play with him). One of our biggest arguments was when Matt told me I shouldn't play with the boys at the gym. He insisted they were too big and rough for me. Does he know who I am? My response was jumping out of the car at the stoplight and running for the hills. Longest run home ever!? I am very stubborn and when someone tells me I shouldn't do something, I make it a personal mission to prove them wrong.

One of the compromises Matt and I made was that he would be o.k. with me playing basketball with the guys as long as I did not:
1.       Cry
2.       Break Something

Fair Enough!

Well, this weekend I decided I would wake up early. Pack my basketball shoes and join him at the gym.
Side Note: It is important to pack your basketball shoes rather than wear them to the gym. Every REAL basketball player only wears their shoes on the court.

Saturday morning is prime time to get a “run” in (slang for basketball game. See, I am very observant J) Everything was going great until close to the end of the game and this huge curly haired monster thought it would be a good idea to come down and elbow me in the ribs. Tears welled up in my eyes as my side was on fire. However I knew the rules and slammed back my tears and kept going. Until, this scrawny little creep elbowed me in the mouth and blood surged onto the floor.

The next game I sat out. However still didn't cry or break something. 

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